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POTC & BtVS Crossover Community

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Welcome to Vampiracy: a community for the purpose of combining the fandoms of Pirates of the Caribbean and Buffy the Vampire Slayer


1. All posts should be relevent to the community's purpose - combining POTC and BTVS or ATS. Which means crossovers, comparisons, icons/graphics including both fandoms - you get the point. Us mods - operavampirate and tamakin are fond to combining the Spike and the Sparrow, but each to his own.
2. A limit on the spamming. Though I'm not sure how many POTC/BTVS communities there are to pimp. *ponders* Anyway - if you do plug a comm, make it atleast related to the topic at hand.
3. No hotlinking. This should speak for itself. In other words - if you want to post an image you find made here on your own journal or elsewhere, save the image to your own computer and upload it to an image hosting yourself.
4. No flaming or blatant disrespect. Common sense rules, yeah. Not everyone agrees but be civil.
5. Make posts atleast decently readable. Not everyone's an English major, but we all can put in the effort to spell out the majority of our words.
6. All pairings, kinks, ratings allowed - except blatant child porn. I mean, underage by a couple of years is one thing but let's not pair a 12 year old and a 30 year old, shall we?
7. Put all non-worksafe, exceedingly large, and exceedingly multiple images behind a cut.
8. Putting warnings for graphic sexual content, torture, non-con, violence, and anything that could offend someone, or some would prefer not to see or read.
9. Credit to icon/banner/graphics makers when due.
10. Have fun! It's vampires and pirates - how can you not? ;)

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